The Ego is impatient because it knows its time is limited. The Spirit is patient because it knows it is eternal.


Have you ever wondered how old are you for real?

We are this moment present in our psychical world in this incarnation, in our body, with the people surrounding us. But are souls were here so many years before, so far away in the past that is difficult for our brain in this state to even process that information.

I now live the life of reaction, that means that thru out the time my soul was able to be present in many life times that had followed each other. Thru that my spirit was able to constantly evolve!

So let me clarify that a little bit- I am sure you’ve heard of karma and dharma. Karma is commonly known as all the bad things you’ve done will come to you and bite u in the ass! 🙂

Well, in a way that is thru, but not always can we see the law of action and reaction, sometimes the reaction comes in the next life time. I am sure you have also heard a lot of “you create your own reality” – I think that people understand that as :what you imagine for yourself it has to come true ,or they simply just give up saying is bunch of b*llshit because they do not understand it for real. Often I also come across people that have experienced really bad and sad life changes and they say: How come now when I really did not want this to happen The Universe did not listen to me? Where did I go wrong?

Well, that is the point my friends you didn’t go wrong in this life time, you have to fulfill your KARMIC DEPTHS. So the meaning of “creating your own reality” is so wide that you have to imagine it thru the evolution of your soul not your physical self. What you do , think and believe now , how much you learn, understand and evolve with your mind, spirit and body is what you are creating for your next life time incarnation. The people in your life are not here randomly, you have chosen your parents for a reason, all the experiences are here so that you can learn, if you don’t u will also get them in the next life- until you fully learn and understand!

Of course there is another side of a the destiny coin, you can really create your life at this state, it is not all written! You have the power to choose, to go left or right, to collect a lot of experiences that you choose for yourself, at the end it is how you act that will affect even on your karmic depths, the Universe will listen to you and eventually you will be free of your depths! That is a very hard process for those who are in the low vibrations, they are constantly attracting more of bad low vibrating situations onto their life. My suggestion is rise your vibrations, became a higher self human, BE HUMANE! Just give it a try, no negative thoughts for a week, for a day, or just for one morning, stop your brain from its usual chaos and think: ” What are the 5 things I am grateful for today?” you will feel and see a dramatic spin of the day…

Now lets talk a little bit about DHARMA. We are all experiencing a big change in the world. I have a strong feeling that we are abandoning the old one and steeping onto the “sanatandharma”- the core of living. “Sanatan” means timeless, and just the dharma that the whole world understands can be called timeless. It doesn’t belong to anyone it is just a form of a higher connection with our source. Soon, and very soon indeed, we will live in a new dimension. The material world will be left behind us, as we will all witness a global awakening.

At the very end I would like to share some of my karmic fulfillment for this life time: It is up to me to spread my knowledge and awareness with all the people that come across my life in all fields. As I really have a high Intuition and just listening to the inner voice my choices are made with effortless ease and I will try to express everything I now understand with the hope it will help you get inspired for a life change !

If you listen carefully you will hear your inner giddiness that will help you remember of all your past lives and experiences, you don’t have to fear anything, you’ve actually been thru it all. Have in mind that the cause of this journey is not to make you believe in incarnation, and maybe this text of mine as a model of how I see the Universe will not resonate with you. And maybe it changes the whole concept of how you see life. No mater the final conclusion, hope you will see things from some different perspective, and if you start questioning your existence I’ve made a small progress today 🙂

… if you have any questions that you would like to share feel free to contact me!

I am here to understand and support you.

Lots of love,


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