It all started with one simple comment on a social network called.. Instagram, his exact words were “Girl eat something please . That was the first contact we made, even though my mother is a native Croatian  and I use to spend every summer in that small fancy town called Novigrad. Our paths never crossed their way until this very moment. 

Later on I came to Novigrad for my Easter vacation and he asked me out on our first date. At the time he came out of a hospital barely surviving a pneumonia, he was very skinny and pale. As for myself I came out of a heavy relationship, I could say I was in a very dark place of emotional instability. So You get the picture.. to souls scared of another heart break . But we choose to meet one another and that is how it all started….

Our meeting point was Vitriol, a nice café by the sea, with chill jazz music. As I was approaching I‘ve noticed him seating there with a glass of red one in his hand. He was really looking like he just came out of Vogue wearing a suit, styled with a good haircut and accessories. And I thought to myself: “Earth please open.”

My styling was that I just woke up, I made my hair in a messy bun, first ripped jeans I could find and a hoodie, great outfit Teodora, very well.

 As I came out of the house I realize my brother took the car and decided to go for a walk down to the city. So I put my YELLOW jacket on and speeded up towards the city. Somewhere on the way it started to rain, so at the time he was as on his second glass of wine I came all wet and really felt like a little rat.

But the second we start smiling and talking I forgot everything….the world just stopped, paused..

 We realized the time and space as they interrupted our conversation with an announcement that the bar is closing soon. We looked each other smiled and he invited me to dinner, I agreed as I really wanted to stay by his side just for a little longer…

Dinner was placed in a cozy restaurant named San Rocco in Bertonigla village. It has a beautiful garden with a pool and it just has a relaxing vibe. He was feeding me and I really enjoyed our dinner, we couldn’t stop smiling, and I really felt like a little bird that found a safe place, a nest…our time was flowing we just talked, understood each other and there was also that comfortable silence that you cannot experience with many people. As the restaurant was closing as well he went to grab the jackets. On his way back he came behind my back and kindly whispered: I feel you could really use a hug. Again, time did not exist, we were floating out of this dimension and in that very moment I had a strong sensation I’ve known him for my whole life, our souls met again.

As he drove me back home he was singing in the car and told me he just feels pure happiness and that he didn’t felt this way for a very long time. That night that simple and honest hug changed something inside of me. We kissed on the cheek even though I had a strong desire to kiss him more. Thank you for giving a smile back to my face he said as I was leaving…Next day I had to travel back to Belgrade,  I was daydreaming of him …


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